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Trophy Guide Service

My son Joshs' first striper
My son Joshs’ first striper at Raystown Lake

This is my first review and would like to review a striper guide service that I have used for about the the last 25 years. The Raystown Lake fishing guide service is known as Trophy Guide Service, owned and operated by Sparky Price.  I have fished with Sparky about 10 times over the last 25 years. Sparky is a very knowleagable striper guide with many years experience on Lake Raystown fishing. We have always done very well fishing with Sparky.  We have done well about 7 out of those 10 trips. Thats bout a 70% success rate. Not bad. We have always fished for stripers but Sparky specializes in other species of fish as well.

Lake Species:

There is quite a variety of fish in this lake including stripers, walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, Large mouth bass, muskies, northern pike, a large variety of panfish and even salmon. Sparky can get get you in on any of these fish.

Trip details:

We usually meet up with Sparky about 5 or 6 am at 7 Points Marina Raystown Lake Pa. The trip is all inclusive. He comes equipped with all bait and tackle. His bait of choice is usually alewives which he nets just prior to meeting with clients. He has also used small trout as bait as well. He offers 4,6 or 8 hour trips. We usually take the 6 hour trip. It pays not to take the 4 hour trip because fishing can be slow for 3 hours or so, then all of a sudden fish start to bite at say 3 1/2 hours and then it is time to quit. So I definately recommend a 6 or 8 hour trip.

State Record Striper:

Sparky Price State record
Trophy Guide Service Sparky Price

Sparky has spent his whole life hunting and fishing Lake Raystown area since the days when it was still the Huntingdon Dam. He is the current state striper record holder with a trophy striper weighing in at 53 lbs. 12 oz. He also has 3 previous striper records and numerous citations for a variety of fish. Below I have include a handfull of Sparkys’ videos for you to enjoy!


Trophy Guide Service fishing gallery

Raystown Secrets

Raystown beauties
Raystown beauties


As the original full time charter service Sparky has set the standard in tour prices. They have increased their prices only once in nearly 20 years. Their prices are based on their known expenses and experience which no one at Raystown can match.

4 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours
1-2 People
3 People
4 People

Eagle siteings:

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
This is just to cool!!

At all times while fishing Lake Raystown with Trophy Guide Service keep your eyes open for eagle siteings. It is not uncommon to site at least 3 or 4 eagles in a 6 hour fishing trip. One of the last times we were there, we seen an eagle dive from about 80′ in the air and scoop a fish off the surface!

Final conclusion: 5 star rating

If you are looking a top notch fishing guide to show you how to fish for stripers or any other fish for that matter, please give Sparky a call at Trophy Guide Service. I have included a link to his website to make it easy for you to contact him. Best of fishing to all of you.  Sincerely, Mike Robson


5 thoughts on “Trophy Guide Service-Raystown Lake-Review

  1. Hello mike seen your review today. Thank you very much. I had a very trying year. 5 yrs ago my web master turn my website over to Godaddy. They sold this march and made thousands! They said it was not their policy to call for renewual but to email instead knowing I had no email. so after 30 yrs im starting over. my web site is & can be found quickest on bing. some things have changed.please check it out to keep us on the same page.Call if you want to fish its on me. thank you very much.

    1. Hey Sparky, Yea I noticed a couple months ago your site was down and was gonna bring it to your attention. I will update that review with a new link to your new address. And heck yea I will take you up on that “its on me trip”. I was about to book something real soon anyway since its getting late in the year. I could do something towards the end of October or sometime in Nov. I will call in the next couple days. When you say a trying year, is it the fishing or what? I only ever fished with one other guide over there, just because you could not accomodate my date one time. My site does not get alot of traffic just yet. The more content I add the more visitors I get. But I’ll get you refreshed right away. Thanks bud

      1. Ok bud I just updated my site and include new links to your site. Check it out, looks like everything is working fine. Let me know if you find a glitch. Call ya in a day or 2

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