Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat-Review

Sun Dolphin Pro 10.2 Fishing Boat:
Sun Dolphin Pro 10.2
Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat
Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat

Product details:

This nifty little craft seems like it may be the perfect craft for river or lake. What stands out to me is the wide base in this boats design. I am sure this design has taken much of the wobble out of the boat. As opposed to a canoe or john boat. It is only 10.2′ long, so I do not think it is a candidate for larger faster rivers where there may be some heavy current action. I would recommend it for slower more lazy river type rivers or any slower waters such as a lake. It is somewhat heavy so another person would be helpfull when transporting the Sun Dolphin Pro. It comes in either gray or black.

Product features:

I think the two main features of the Sun Dolphin Pro in my personal opinion are the aerated livewell with drain and navigation lights. Not many boats this small come equipped with live wells, let alone aerated. Especially right from the manufacturer. The swivel seats are an added bonus also. It also comes equipped with front/rear trolling motor plugs. Also featured on this boat are vertical rod holders, high-density polyethylene construction, pre-wired for trolling motor at bow and stern, and lets not forget it does fit right into the back of a pickup truck!


  • Aerated livewell with drain
  • Front/rear trolling motor plugs
  • Navigation lights
  • Twin swivel fishing chairs
  • Length: 10.2’, Width: 55”, Height: 16.5”, Weight: 160 lbs., Capacity: 469 lbs., HP Rating: 7 HP


Product reviews:

Although I do not own a Sun Dolphin Pro fishing boat, I have done my best to research this product for you. It seems this craft has a mix of reviews. Most people like it some do not. I will try to point all the pros and cons for you.


First of all everybody seems to love the design. People have commented on the fact that the boat can be loaded right into a pickup bed. No need for a trailer. Also like I said previously people love the aerated live well. One customer commented that it turns on a dime. Nice! The seats are said to be very well made. And turn quite nicely. Everybody seems to love the rod holders also. Someone commented on the ease of getting in and out of the boat. This would go back to what I said about the design of this craft, that the wide base takes away alot of the “rock”.


One customer has complained that boat arrived damaged 2 different times. Of course this is a shipping problem and has nothing to do with design. Another customer complained that after dragging it from the truck to the water multiple times that the hull started to wear thru. Duh!!! Guess he should not be doing that! Someone mentioned that the boat took on lots of water. One customer said that there was  a rip in the bumper guard an that the rear plug for the trolling motor was inoperative.


So there you have it have it. I have listed all the pros and cons that I could find regarding this product. I sure hope this has helped you make a more informed decision regarding this product. My final conclusion is that I think this would be a perfectly fine fishing craft if used on small lakes and rivers. I have also included a link to all reviews so you can check them out for yourself. When it is all said and done Amazon customers have given this product a 2.8 out of 5 stars.

One final thing:

I strongly encourage everybody to leave a comment in the box below. I love to hear from everybody! Mike Robson



13 thoughts on “Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat-Review

  1. Great review!

    I have never heard of this one. I do enjoy fishing and so of course those rod holders you were talking about are important for me. I have challenges in getting into and out of kayaks and if I can easily get in this one, well… that’s a good thing.

    I am concerned however on the durability as you mentioned someone had noticed the bottom of the boat had worn out just from dragging the boat from the truck to the water

    Thanks you for checking on what other people had to say about this boat! I’ll think on it…


    1. I think the wide base should help in getting in and out of the boat Monica. As far as the bottom of the boat wearing out, maybe the boat should not be drug along the ground as they are heavy. Maybe not a flaw at all. Thanks for the comment Monica! Mike

  2. Awesome review. I and a buddy of mine are looking into buying a boat. For fishing tournaments. We’ve looked and looked nothing really caught our eye. The ones that did. Did not have enough information on them to make a good buying decision. But you hit the nail on the head with this review. I’ll let you know how our experience with this boat goes.

    1. Thanks for the great reply William. Hope you have a great fishing year in 2017. Thanks Mike

  3. Hello,
    Great product review! I love to go fishing. Would you recommend this type of boat to older retired folks? It sounds like it’s easy to get in and out. What is the price range and where could someone buy a boat like this? This type of boat sound pretty stable.
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for the great review Caryn. I would definatley recommend this boat for older folks. It’s about a $1200.00 boat and can be found at Amazon. Thanks again Mike

  4. Wow, a review for a fishing boat, now that is original! It looks like the perfect, not too big and not too small, just right for two people. What you mentioned about it being easy to deliver is a great thing!

    Your review is honest and informative which is what people want to read! I was going to ask you what the size is but you have already mentioned!

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