Pennsylvania Coyotes

Eastern Coyote
Eastern Coyote (see video)
Pennsylvania Coyote Population:
Pa. Coyote
Pa. Coyote (see video)

Are there coyotes in Pennsylvania? You bet there are! And lots of them. There are coyotes in virtually every county in the state of Pennsylvania. Coyotes in the state are living just about everywhere and they are right under our noses. Coyotes have adapted so well to the human element, that are actually living right in our back yards. Believe it or not. But it is true as I am sure that the Pa. Game Commission would also confirm. Fortunatly for us and our children, these animals are extremely docile and shy away from any and all human activity whatsoever. I have seen 3 in the wild, but have never seen one in an urban setting. They are certainly beautifull animals to say the least. I think they resemble large German Shephards, but have a much more color diversification. Coyotes fur has a wide range of colors including but not limited to blonde, brown, black, red, orange, and gray fur. Only when one is standing in the sun light can one appreciate the true beauty of these animals. One time when turkey hunting with my young son Josh. A coyote walked up to us about 20′ away. My son was so pumped to see a coyote, he said “how cool is that dad!”. We could have certainly harvested the animal at 20′ but much rather absorbed the beauty of this magnificent animal and got much more enjoyment watching him walk off. 20 years ago I would probably have taken him. I have changed alot over the years.

Hunting Pennsylvania Coyotes:
Eastern Coyote
Eastern Coyote (see video)

There is no closed season for coyotes in the state of Pennsylvania, meaning they can be hunted year round. I guess that says alot about the abundance of these animals in our state. Pennsylvania Game commission estimate the total harvest of coyotes being harvested at about 40,000 annually. Considering the total population in 2003 was only considered to be at about 25,000 to 30,000, one can see that the coyote population has exploded in the last 14 years! At that time the harvest rate was thought to be at about 11,000 annually. Quite an increase! This year the Clearfield County based Mosquito Creek Sportsmans’ Association hosted one of the states largest coyote hunt on Feb. 17-19. Last year 1st place went to a 15 year old 10th grader. He walked away with $13,185 for a 46.5-pound animal.  Second place was $4,983 for a 45.5-pound shot in Sullivan County, and third place was $3,322 for a 44.5-pound, shot in Centre County. See more on Mosquito Creek Sportmans’ Association annual coyote hunts here.

Pennsylvania Game Commision Hunting Regulations:

Pennsylvania coyote hunting regulations


4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Coyotes

  1. Extremely interesting article for me considering I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life and never experienced meeting any coyotes, being an outdoors man and in nature often this does not surprise me. Many of the wildlife in our state can avoid meetings with humans, I know for a fact there are bear in my area but I have not experienced meeting any in the wood areas only seen them while driving on the country roads here.

    1. Does not surprize me that you have not seen many. They are very elusive animals. What part of Pa. do you live in? I have only seen a couple coyotes, and perhaps 7 or 8 bear. Thanks for the comment. Mike

  2. When I was living in Vancouver Canada years ago I was working the night shift at a mental assessment lock up pretty much in the middle of the city. There was parkland but we were surrounded by urban sprawl and highways all around. I was outside for a break and I saw one walk across and then down empty the street. In the day that street was jammed with traffic. The profile was absolutely unmistakable. That was no dog! Funny how you just never forget moments like that. Like seeing a ghost, I had no idea at the time we even had coyotes lol

    1. I only ever saw 2 in my entire life. And both times it was like for just a couple seconds. Thanks for the comment Gord. Have a wonderfull day. Mike

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