Pa. Bull Elk Rivals

Pennsylvania Wild Elk Herd

Pennsylvania Elk Herd: The elk in Pennsylvania are primarily located in Elk, Cameron, Centre, McKean, Potter, Clinton and Clearfield counties with the center of elk activity in Elk county. Elk are originally native to the state of Pennsylvania. Due to over hunting and no  solid regulations and encroachment pretty much decimated the herd by the… Read more Pennsylvania Wild Elk Herd

Hawns Overlook

Raystown Lake, Pa., God’s Country

Truly God’s country: If you have never been to Raystown Lake area in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, you are certainly missing an experience of a lifetime. I go there and fish for stripers every chance I get. Raystown Lake is a 8300 acre resevoir built by the Army Corp of Engineers, and completed in 1973 nestled… Read more Raystown Lake, Pa., God’s Country